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May Rescue of the Month

Check out all the great work they do here- Biggies Bullies – Saving One Bully at a Time

Biggies Bullies was founded in April, 2011.

 After working in an animal shelter, Alli Stetz quickly realized how stressful a shelter environment can be for dogs. Even more, she found that bully breed type dogs were often discriminated against and many potential adopters were averse to adopting pitbulls due to misconceptions they were led to believe about the breed.

Biggies Bullies was purposefully founded as a foster home based rescue, without the intent to open a shelter of its own. Alli felt that it was important to allow these dogs to be shown in a home setting, not behind cage bars in a stressful shelter.

In 2021, Biggies Bullies announced A Biggies Bullies Headquarters! The new office space isn’t a place to house animals, all pups will still enjoy the comforts of foster homes. Instead, it’s a place for Biggies Bullies to continue to grow. A place for dogs to meet their potential families, for volunteers to hang out with fosters, and a meeting spot for orientations and trainings. It’s where we’ll be planning the future of Biggies Bullies.

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